It’s Björk’s birthday!

Björk, the amazing en brilliant Icelandic musician turns 51 today. I became a huge fan with her last record ‘Vulnicura’, a dark, very sad but utterly beautiful album produced mainly by one of my favorite producers Arca. As I listened more to her older work I realized how important and influential she has been and how she changed the look on music forever.

I’d like to talk shortly about her magnum opus ‘Homogenic’. ‘Homogenic’ was her third album, after she already showed her immense progressive vision on ‘Post’. Homogenic came out in 1997 and was destined to change the music. That period of time was highly experimental, with musicians trying to set new boundaries and to push music into new, more electronic directions. While many of them where searching and reaching, Björk showed them they were only taking little steps in achieving this goal.

On ‘Homogenic’, Björk achieved the most difficult goal to accomplish: creating something entirely original. If it was for her lyrical beauty or her innovative vision on electronic music, she took all other musicians by fast speed. In hindsight, Homogenic was the foundation for the future of music, so utterly innovative and exceptionally perfect.