Why Christmas songs are (not always) a good idea

It’s an annual happening: artists release songs as a gift for Christmas or for celebrating the beginning of a new year. Every year there are a bunch of artists who put out b-sides, songs from several years ago or a cover from a famous Christmas song (or just a new song, of course). This year examples are: Aphex Twin (who was drunk), Grimes, Arca, Radiohead, The Weeknd & Future, Hudson Mohawke, Kanye, etc.

But, there are situations who are far more important than just releasing a Christmas-gift-song. This year’s most remarkable one was the song from LCD Soundsystem, the first one after the band broke up back in 2011. I think it was a very good move to make this reunion public at Christmas. In musicland, the period around the holidays is really dead, no records are released and every magazine or website is getting crazy for the listomania.

So the coverage for this news was huge because there wasn’t really anything else interesting at that time. But, just releasing a song as a gift isn’t always a good idea, especially not when you’re a world famous artist like Kanye West and the song you put out is really bad. So giving presents is not always good for your reputation…

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