The Big Three Routine for Powerlifters

Anthony Courcy completed the hotel restaurant management program at Paul Smith’s College in 1991 and has since curated a successful career in the food industry, most recently serving as restaurant general manager and training coach for 15 New York-area KFC outlets. A former high school football player, Anthony Courcy was a competitive powerlifter for 23 years. He now coaches the discipline.

In the world of competitive powerlifting, three core workout routines are used to increase strength and muscle definition: bench press, squats, and deadlift. More advanced powerlifters will do variations of the three exercises, but they ultimately make up the bulk of an all-around workout. Beginners should take a cautious approach to the routine, focusing solely on one of the big three on particular days to allow plenty of time for muscle recovery.

After an extensive warm up, you should begin the first of four or five sets with anywhere from three to five reps. It’s important not to overdo it and risk injury, and you should allow at least three minutes of rest between each set. Beginners should always use a spotter.

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