Kicking back and thinking…

Reviews Suck!

YUCK! They will make you sick as a consumer, as a business owner and as a marketing manager.

I have a saying, “Taste buds… everyone has a pair and no two are alike.”

This saying is based on the fact that consumers may rate or review a business, specifically a restaurant, on a full stomach or empty (have you ever food shopped hungry?? OMG everything looked good!), in a good mood or bad, on one experience or many.

With that being said to many variables come into play for me to truly TRUST a review, from a stranger, solely based on a whim.

In addition, in 2015 most reviews are bought. How are they bought?

  1. Managers beg, borrow, steal and convince consumers to leave positive reviews. This ‘buying’ of reviews dilutes the playing field and makes other reviews, that would carry some weight, baseless. -3 points
  2. The ole’ ask you friends and family. I can spot this a mile away. I look down a review list and see all the friends of a store owner and automatically know they were asked to do this. -2 points
  3. They are bought. Like cash was exchanged for services. This is used, ALOT, and again dilutes the playing field. What owners don’t realize is that I just click on Rajan Ravi-Kumar’s name and I notice he lives in India. Did he REALLY visit your Salon on October 14, 2105? Chance are no. -5 points

So the next time your business gets a review, good or bad, do the following:

  1. Personally vet the review and take actionable steps internally to correct any issues. If the review is truly real.
Publicly answer a positive or negative review. This is not for the person who wrote it but for those that read AFTER.
  1. Always be willing to give the reviewer another try. That’s the trick! More experiences and their perspective changes.

To sum it up… Reviews will make you sick. They are becoming less and less of a tool of realavance in a world where we socially share and connect with others at a rapid pace. Be more in tune to those socially chatting then those leaving reviews. Yes, reviews will make you sick.

Written by Anthony DeNardis | | Anthony DeNardis

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