The Media Revolution is Passing You By.

➖ Wednesday Thesis:
‘Yet another one did it’
“Without a doubt we are livng through a revoluton of communication and absorption of media.

No longer does the consumer want to watch, listen or see what you want them to — when you say so. 
Let’s rewind and go over a quick timeline:
1- Cable was invented. 
2. VCR came around. Why? Record shows and watch movies on demand. 
3. DVR rolls out and you either buy a Tivo machine or pay a monthly upcharge to a cable company to record shows and watch movies on demand. 
4. Blockbuster, Hollywood Video & all mom n pop vcr/dvd movie rental businesses collapse. Why? We wanted to record shows and watch movies on demand but OUR TIME IS TO VALUABLE to trek to a store, rent something and go back within 24 hours to return the movie. Also ‘be kind please rewind’ started costing a lot of money. 
5. NETFLIX Revolution happened. First they would mail you a DVD and allow you to return it at no cost. Then they released their streaming services when the bandwith of the Internet caught up to the amount of data needed to play the full movie over your computer. 
5.2 Wifi caught up to mobile technology — which then enabled the average consumer to fully absorb content on demand. 
5.5 So now Youtube Red, Sound Cloud Go, Hulu upgrade and many others are offering non interrupting — commercial free media that is absorbed how, when and where you want it. 
6. Social media, streaming services, Amazon Prime, Pandora, iHeart Radio, Curbside takeout, Uber…

Can you see what is happening and this is all in 5 years?!!

So your marketing tip…

You better start story telling and offer original, free content around the interests of your buyers Personna. If not the attention landgrab will become drastically difficult for you and your business.”

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