Want me to hire you? You Must have these four traits. Period.

My Sunday Evening Thesis:

Want to work for/with me? Here is my secret: 1. I want you to be smarter then me. Not just aptitude but I want you to have a deep understanding of your strengths and how to play up to them. Your strengths must be different than mine and make up for what I lack. 2. Look for what needs to be done and have a solution. We then negotiate on pay. I won’t pay you per hour. If I do, I am training you to work for someone and not with someone; or for yourself. I never want to limit your upside potential. 3. Trust. I must trust you, period. No matter what you have done I must trust that you will always tell me what it is that your feeling.

Sabotage peels 15% off of a companies bottomline each year by non-trustworthy employees. Either theft of goods/services or theft of time.

So, I want to trust you, trust our communication and trust that you will do what you say you will do.
4. Lastly, I need people that believe that company culture is all we have. From the service culture to the company picnic; culture is what makes the business go round. It is the foundation to our existence. It is the backbone to our trials. It is the smiles to our customers. Culture. You must believe in it or don’t call me.

Written by Anthony DeNardis



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