Understanding the scale of ocean shipping.

Just how big is it? — Here’s some perspective. Really f-ing big.

A visual display of the industry Nautilus Labs is helping improve. Enjoy the awe of it all.

Those “ships” sometimes seem small on the horizon. But they’re actually:

Here’s a small commercial marine engine:

Here’s a large marine engine.

Here’s a really f-ing big marine engine:

So… when someone says bad seas… what does that actually mean? Aren’t these ships so big they aren’t effected by some waves?

The sea is humbling force to go against. So think again:

The point of all of this is to illustrate how making small, incremental changes can lead to substantial outcomes in bottom line performance at sea.

Nautilus — over and out.

Disclaimer: I’m the co-founder and CEO of Nautilus Labs. We’re developing Nautilus Platform to allow shore side teams the ability to easily analyze the data generated on ships to reduce fuel usage at sea — saving thousands of dollars a year for shipping companies.

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