And by the way, I feel almost certain that if Bernie had been their nominee, they’d have sailed to…
Peter Kalmus

Yes, I personally agree. Polls, despite having failed so badly to predict the general, still tell you something, and showed that the more people got to know about Sanders, the more they liked him, which was the opposite with Clinton and Trump. His chances were very promising given his popularity despite relatively scarce coverage in the media and their generally dismissive attitude toward him, all but directly saying they thought he was illegitimate. I always remember this one:

CUOMO: here you are again, another election. Praise and promise coming your way, but another nail biter…

CLINTON: … Right…

CUOMO: … With a self-described socialist named Bernie.


CUOMO: How did that happen?

The assumptions in the question, and in the way he labors over the word “socialist” if you hear him say it, are pretty telling.

Can’t wait to read your climate work. So, so important and absolutely insane it wasn’t the main issue in the election, from the primary through last week.