Be the Best YOU, you can be!

TGIF everybody — your motivational tip of the day. I want you to be successful and grow your business and your life. I want to thank you very much to my BLAB, Periscope and Facebook followers. You guys are just awesome. Thank you so very much!

So, my tip for today is to he best YOU, you can be. It’s simple. Seven billion people on this planet, there’s only one of you. There aren’t two of you, three of you, four of you… There’s one. you have to focus on being the best YOU, you can be. So, if you see somebody that is a better runner than you and you want to be a great runner — don’t try to be like them. Try to be the best runner that you can be for yourself. You know, everyone tries to duplicate other people, mimic other people. And I think it’s great that you can learn from other people.

I’ll give you an example. I love Tony Robbins, he is a powerful proven authentic speaker and strategist, Gary Vaynerchuk, who’s an amazing, amazing speaker and a social media Yoda and entrepreneur I love John Maxwell, I love Napoleon Hill, I love Jim Rohn. But I don’t want to BE them or FAN on them . I want to learn from them, so I can be the best I can be. Hey, Success leaves clues and picking up on them and learning from them is priceless!

So, my tip for today is write down something that you know you’re really good at and focus on doing that just today. If you’re good at helping someone solve a problem or helping someone get over a challenge or an issue in their life, spend some time with them, because they’re going to turn to you as a trusted advisor. They’re not going to turn to someone else. So, be there for them. Be the best YOU you can be and watch how cool life gets.

Remember, you have greatness within you. Always live your life to the max and we’ll definitely see you next time.