The gun cocked, pressed against the side of my head. Eyes piercing into me, ready to pull the trigger.
The tall silhouette of a man who fears no other. Nikolai. His eyes are like icy shards waiting to hurl themselves into my warm body. He says, " do it".

My mind races, knowing full well that he had won. Five times the gun screamed with no object protruding from its, now, heated barrel. My hands begin to shake uncontrollably. Is this how i am going to pass from this world? Losing a dangerous game with an apathetic opponent? I cock the revolver count to four, the magic number, and pull the trigger.

I hear a sinister snicker not two feet from where i sat on an unforgiving metal chair. I lived my whole life as an atheist believing religion and God to be hopeless human folly. And yet, I wonder, if I had been incorrect and which realm was i invited? I am... alive? There was no smoke proceeding that of a bullet leaving the barrel, hurling at massive speeds towards its intended target. I look up to Nikolai Ivanov the man who seemingly bested me at his chosen game.

" Let this be a warning to you comrade, " he says in a light and controlled Russian accent. " Even in the face of death the tables can be turned and the future altered for all mankind. If you want me as a friend, i will be your ally until you die. But know this, when the time comes my interests comes first as with all true political alliances."