Why I’m not surprised when I hear that powerful men are fucking creeps
Eden Rohatensky

Great article. I remember you from my Regina days. Back when you had longer hair. I wish I’d have known this was happening to you at the time. Not sure what I could have done, but I would have offered what support I could. You even visited my office once. Women in IT were super rare so I definitely remember thinking it was great to see a women developer brightening up the building; but now I’m thinking it was no picnic for you. Truly, I had no idea it could be like this. I thought IT people were better behaved. Smarter. If it means anything, I’m sorry. You deserved better. Follow that talent, Eden. I found your article on Medium homepage so you are getting out there! I’m happy to see you making a difference. Who knows… maybe some young lady reads this article and things will be different for her. Cheers! Keep writing!

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