Meet the Impressive Team of Lawyers Leading the Trump Investigation

You can tell a lot about the direction of an investigation by the records of its lawyers. Robert Mueller’s team, the Special Counsel investigating President Trump’s 2016 campaign ties with Russia, has ever-expanded since May. Whenever a legal team is expanded, the scope will likely follow. Those hoping for a quick investigation may be disappointed, but this investigation is and should be dedicated to getting this right the first time.

Mueller recently hired a former Justice Department lawyer who specialized in unlawful foreign bribery. Greg Andres is the latest addition to a team of 16 lawyers investigating the President. During his time at the Justice Department, Andres was in charge of the fraud unit which includes targeting economic and white-collar crime. Prior to working for the Justice Department, Andres prosecuted organized crime members in the Bonanno family.

James Quarles was a special prosecutor for the Watergate Investigation who later focused on campaign financing litigation. Quarles was brought on during the first month of the Special Counsel investigation due to his experience in high-profile cases, especially involving Presidential administrations.

Jeannie Rhee was a Deputy Assistant Attorney General who has experience as an adviser to subjects of government investigations. A Yale graduate, Rhee was a prosecutor for fraud and corruption cases.

One of the more familiar names is Aaron Zebley. Zebley’s experience in the FBI includes pursuing Osama Bin Laden, Khalfan Khamis Mohammed, and other high-profile terrorist targets. In later years, Zebley worked for the National Security Division of the Justice Department, overseeing counter-terrorism and counter-intelligence cases. Aaron Zebley is one of this country’s top investigators who has helped capture some of this country’s most wanted terrorists.

Andrew Goldstein served as the head of the public corruption unit at the U.S. Attorney’s Office in New York. Goldstein helped successfully prosecute Sheldon Silver, a former assembly speaker from New York found guilty of federal corruption charges as well as fraud, money laundering, and extortion.

Lisa Page is a Justice Department trial attorney who, like many of the previous lawyers, has experience in foreign money laundering and organized crime cases. Page has previously partnered with the FBI in international crimes, including the case of Dmitry Firtash who once worked with Paul Manafort.

Andrew Weissmann is the Justice Department’s head of the fraud unit. Weissmann helped investigate the Volkswagen fraud case where the company cheated on emission performance tests. Weissmann is another specialist in criminal fraud and international bribery. His other work includes the Enron task-force and other high-profile fraud investigations. Weissmann additionally specializes in organized crime and corporate misconduct. He also possesses a valued skill in witness-flipping.

Zainab Ahman is a Pakistani-American prosecutor. She has a 13–0 record when it comes to taking down international terrorists in court and is considered to be one of the finest in her field.

Michael Dreeben, an expert in criminal law, has worked in the solicitor general’s office and has brought over 100 government cases before the Supreme Court. Dreeben’s reputation is known all throughout Congress and the Justice community. His accomplishments and criminal law expertise highlight the seriousness and complexity of this investigation.

Elizabeth Barchas Prelogar is another member of the solicitor general’s office, working alongside Michael Dreeben. Prelogar is fluent in Russian and holds a degree from Harvard Law School.

Brandon Van Grack is a former DOJ espionage prosecutor who is investigating Michael Flynn’s foreign lobbying and business ties. His history includes prosecuting foreign hackers, illegal business activities, and unregistered foreign agents.

Aaron Zelinksky has worked as an assistant U.S. Attorney in Maryland, recently receiving an award for his work on organized crime in the state.

Adam Jed comes to this investigation from the civil division of the DOJ. Jed has worked for the International Criminal Tribunal and is particularly interested in studying how state powers can affect private parties to achieve social goals. The civil division mostly focuses on domestic issues, but can expand to international affairs as needed.

Rush Atkinson comes to this case from the DOJ’s fraud section of the criminal division. His specialty is corporate malfeasance and fraud, recently prosecuting an executive from Bankrate Inc.

Finally, Peter Carr is a spokesman for this special counsel investigation, formerly working as a spokesman for the DOJ criminal division.

This special counsel investigation is expected to last for a while, probably well into 2018. However, it seems that the fate of this country is in the most qualified hands as it possibly could be. These lawyers are not only regarded as among the finest in their fields, but are also renown for their independence in criminal justice.