OASIS — Miami Medical Facility

Knight sat close to the window and watched as the light evening wind blew the garden plants. He shifted and pain coursed through him, starting from his shoulder. J.P had arranged for him to be treated at this secret medical facility and the two doctors on a call here had ‘detained’ him, insisting that he wasn’t fit to be released. Tony Knight hated to have to be in one place against his will, but he had to admit to himself that allowing his injuries to be monitored for a while would definitely help.

No one knew exactly who his attackers were. J.P Archer thought it was the National Intelligence Agency. That they had probably been mistaken about his mission and thought they were acting in the interest of the United States’ Government. It could have also been foreign elements who had something to gain from a war. The possibilities were quite numerous, and Knight had given up on finding out. At this point he blamed himself, if only I had been more careful

His carelessness leads the attackers’ right to the basement and risked the lives of his team. If it hadn’t been for “Hero”, they might all be dead right now. Hirohito Shimizu looked more like a pop star than an agent with his androgynous features and long silky hair. He had arrived at the last minute to save their asses from an assassin, but beyond being their momentary Savoir Knight knew very little about the man. That was going to change.

A lot of things were going to change or had already changed. Knight couldn’t stop thinking about his flight to Tokyo and of Dom. Dominika, his on and off lover, the woman who had dismissed as just a plain stewardess. She was an assassin. That was a shock, but it shouldn’t have been. He really had gotten sloppy these last few years. Knight chastised himself for letting that one get over on him. A man like him should have known. The signs had been there. She didn’t work a particular route, today New York to London, tomorrow New York to Johannesburg. She had given him some flimsy excuse and he had believed. She didn’t have a work schedule either. She would be away from work two months straight only to be busy for six months, her knowledge of cities. It all made sense to Knight now. He thought of how difficult taking out the North Korean Leader’s right-hand man would have been difficult, yet she had done it, quite easily too from the look of it. He had underestimated the woman.

Surprisingly, nothing was being said about the assassination. J.P told him that the North Korean government, at least the senior members knew that it was a murder. Word out was that Lin Jiu Sam had died of some illness he had been suffering from for months. It had even taken more than a week for news of his death to filter out.

Knight missed Dominika. Dangerous Dom as he liked to call her. He had never felt so much for one woman. He laughed at himself, “I’m falling for a killer.”

One of the doctors stepped in an old black man who couldn’t be less than seventy years. He was stooped and had eyes like a hawk’s. Knight cringed and reluctantly moved to his bed on the other side of the room, another round of poking at his body. He was surprised when the doctor only stuck to asking him questions about how he felt.

The doctor smiled and started to lecture him. “You’ll be allowed to leave tonight if you want to. But you have to be very careful with the shoulder. There’s not much harm you can do to the back wound but the shoulder is at a delicate healing stage now, and careless handling may mean that it’d require surgery.”

Knight smiled a false sweet smile at the old man. He was glad he would be leaving.

“You can’t come back here for further checks and dressing. A nurse will be assigned to you. He or She would come to wherever you are as needs require.” The old man walked out briskly as soon as the last word was out.

Knight returned to his chair that looked out into the garden and slipped out his phone. Should he call Dom? He knew she’d probably be back in New York, gallivanting from a clothing store to clothing store. He had thought that was the only thing she did until he discovered her secret life.

Would she turn on him and take him out? He wondered. He wasn’t sure if he knew her enough to answer that question. What if she was given the assignment to kill him, would she do it?

The question played awkwardly in Tony Knight’s head as he tried to decide what he would do with his feelings for her.

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