Dark Web: Sea On Fire

I turned my laptop on, still pondering what I was supposed to do with all the information that had been dumped in my lap. I had done a little research on the North Korea missile threat.

The news was that North Korean Leader blinked. That he had taken China’s warning and the United States’ President’s threat seriously, and did not launch the missiles at Guam, United States’ territory again.

The President of the United States had promised that North Korea would regret it if they launched the missiles at any American territory or its allies. It seemed that the president’s threat had worked, coupled with the fact that China, North Korea’s biggest ally had supported a United Nations trade ban on North Korea.

It all seemed interesting news to me. I wondered where Knight’s Sea on Fire mission fit in all of this, so the mission had probably been called off since the North Korean leader had blinked.

Something told me that the Dark Web was going to reach out. It had been six days since the last message, and there were gaps in my knowledge, so my sixth sense was predicting a visit.

I wasn’t wrong. I was reading my emails when my screen went blank as usual. I wasn’t so surprised; instead, I was curious as to how they would communicate this time around.

I was still wondering when my screen came back to life and some hooded figure appeared on my screen, “The Dark Web. Welcome” It said in a robotic voice. The figure had no identifiable features; the face in the hood was dark.

“Thank you,” I answered, it came out like a squeak. There was no getting used to this. I was scared.

“The United States’ Government is taking credit. They are saying that the North Korean leader stopped the missiles and didn’t launch them. That’s not true.” The Dark Web entity on my computer screen said.

“It isn’t?” I was curious now, and my fear was starting to dissipate, after all, it didn’t seem like they were out to harm me.

“As you already know, the Deep State contracted the legendary Tony Knight to stop the missile launch.” I thought I heard some sort of respect when the entity said ‘legendary Tony Knight.’

“Yes, I know.”

“The mission, Sea on Fire was a tough one. Knight hailed a cab from the airport straight to the basement where the team were working on breaking into the North Korean military network to install a cyber-bomb that would help them control the missile.

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He had gotten quite sloppy. A man of his talents shouldn’t have done that. He was being watched by unknown men that we are yet to identify, though indications point at some government body that didn’t know anything about “Sea on Fire” or were trying to achieve their own end. They followed him to the basement, and he only noticed them just as he was walking into the basement. They must have been quite good to have caught Knight by surprise, even sloppy, he’s the best. They opened fire on him even before he fully understood that his safe house and operation headquarters had been discovered.

A bullet hit him in the left shoulder, and he was bleeding badly, but he had managed to lock them out of the basement, bolting the huge bulletproof gates that led downstairs into the basement. They shot at the door while he raced downstairs to his team and found them charged up. They had almost finished with the upload of the cyber bomb. But Knight knew that he had to shut down operations and move base before the intruders managed to gain entry. He didn’t know who they were or what they wanted.”

“But there was no need again. The North Korean leader had called off the missile launch,” I found myself saying to the Dark Web.

The Dark Web entity paused for a bit and then continued. “The intruders blew up the bulletproof gates but Knight’s team had successfully installed the cyber bomb, and they had control of the missiles temporarily.

There was a gunfight. David and Knight did a good job of holding off the attackers, and they managed to escape through a tunnel. The basement had been a drug hideout, so it had all sort of secret passages.

Knight was shot in the back again yet he managed to escape with the others; David, Malik, Doris and himself. They got out in a subway station…with a little help.” The Dark Web entity paused. I still didn’t understand. The bomb had not been launched because of the president’s threat, nothing else made sense.

“Malik used the cyber bomb less than twenty-four hours later when the missiles were launched at Guam.”

I could not believe it. “They were launched?”

“Yes, but the cyber bomb was useful then. Since the missiles had been launched and Malik couldn’t stop it, the missiles were made to fly over Japan into the sea. The Cyber bomb changed the coordinates that was pointed towards Guam.”

“What happened with Knight and his injuries?”

“They are taken care of, he will be fine.”

“So, you are saying the missiles were launched, and were diverted into the sea? North Korea did not blink?”

“Yes. And North Korea knows that their system was hacked. They found code prints, but they are covering it up. Better to look like they didn’t launch than show the world that they couldn’t even control their own missiles. They are still investigating the hack; they don’t know where it came from, but they will soon find out. Not the identity of the hackers, that’s safe. They’ll find out they were hacked from inside the United States.” The entity said, and immediately, I watched my laptop screen go blank again.

This is crazy I thought to myself as I watched my laptop come back to life. So much privileged information. How do these people take over my laptop when they want? some hidden program on my laptop? I started to check my software, looking at each and deleting unknowns that I found suspicious but I knew that the Dark Web would still come into my computer whenever they wanted to, even if I bought another one.

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