Nassau KNIGHTs

To Love A Spy

Dominika leaving Nassau on a H225 chopper to New York City.

20:00 — Tuesday

The sound coming from the chopper’s propellers was a mocking laugh. The muscles of my legs were on fire as I pumped those last yards. Even though I was closing in on Dominika there was no way to catch up. She’d be on the H225 and lifting off before I even made it to the pad. Hiro surged ahead of me, but it was useless. Dominika had won.

As we sprinted up the drive to the small commercial airport I could see her climbing aboard with the help of two men wearing jungle cammo. I could see Hiro removing his Sig Sauer from his hip holster and instead of allowing him to use it, I tackled him from behind.

“Goddammit, Knight.”

The two of us rolled on the sharp gravel a bit before I let go of him. Hiro rose to his feet as the chopper began to lift. I stumbled upwards, staggering a bit, just in time to see Dominika blow a kiss. His Japanese stoicism was spent and as the chopper curled towards the sky, Hiro let loose with an angry tirade.

“Why did you stop me? She killed one, possibly two men and left you to clean it up.” He brushed his sweat soaked black hair out of his eyes. His long hair acted like a curtain that had been pulled aside to reveal a face knit with anger. “She’s a killer — .”

“So am I,” I shouted before bending over to catch my breath.

“Then maybe I should kill you, too,” he spat out in frustration. Hiro launched forward cursing in Japanese, turning every now and then to give me an angry glance.

“Maybe you should,” I said staring at the fleeing chopper. What could she possibly have been doing with the Barracho organization? I’d never know now unless she made contact and something told me that at this point that wasn’t even a possibility. I glanced over at Hiro who was already on his cell phone. From the few words I could make out he was speaking in Russian, mentioning something about a tattoo.

Ya ponimayu. Spasibo.”

“The man’s name was Roberto Diego Gonzalez-Ruiz,” he told me with a face that showed he was still irritated with me.

“What man?”

“The dead one,” he said. “He’s the Barracho money man, or was.”

“And the dead ‘Knight’? What do we know about him?”

“Him,” Hiro said with a sigh, “nothing yet. Probably C-I-A.”

It would figure. They always played both sides of every equation. I told him that I had called in the body to JP. “They’ll have people here within the hour.”

“She’s crossed the line, Knight, using you as bait.” He raised a thick black eyebrow. “You know this right? There’s no going back from this point.” Hiro came to stand beside me and watched the tail end of the helicopter get smaller as it gradually faded into the horizon. “That’s what you get when you love a spy.”

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