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Continued thoughts and prayers with everyone. First concern, we are as healthy and prepared as possible. Stay safe; follow guidance we will get through this.

I’m not sure of the implications can be fully quantified yet, PicNJHomes yields to more forthcoming research and would be delighted to connect. We can further discuss, learn & collect more research.

If you are curious now, about anything specific, let me know. We continue to take caution during the pandemic, please do not hesitate to reach out, we can have a remote meeting. I would be so…

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Small business owners, if you happen to have a small store filled with inventory, but you can’t be open — stay calm. I feel for you. My heart goes goes out to you, I know how much you love your small business. I’m sorry to see you in this challenge. Sure, this isn’t easy, I want you to know, Customus has a solution.

Customus Has a Cost Sensible Solution

If you are shut down, closed or staying home, don’t overly stress this — it is the right thing. Stay home and continue to focus on…

Following Up on Topic From Yesterday

Full disclaimer… this read promotes my product, which I believe is a good solution right now. This is not a hard sell, not greed, we are an underfunded, bootrapping group, hard working toward a practile solution. Sure, a capital investment would probably be good use of funds, to deploy deep domain expertise in areas like remote servicing, sanitary food delivery, social distancing and offering outstanding serve to the public, hospitality side. If you know anyone that may be interested, please share this & thanks for your interst.

Customus Enables businesses to better service, entertain…

We hope you are all doing the best that you can amid the recent Coronavirus outbreak. Safety and precaution are top priorities right now. Our thoughts and prayers are with you & your loved ones.

In light of all recent announcements, I wondered if it would be valuable to you, to again share a solution that I believe would be of great assistance, especially right now.

With the CDC recommending that we should remain certain distances, not gather in groups of more then 50 — it may pose many changes to how business gets done.

Social distancing is an important…

Let’s Get Started With Your Own Mobile App

Folks, face it… Social Media is here to stay. Having robust social media is an enormous necessity for your business. The thing is, you can’t have only one good social media site. Customers are perusing the market place on many different platforms. You NEED multiple social media outlets for your business.

You MUST HAVE a diversified portfolio of social media.

But my question is ~ Is asking your customers to go all over the internet searching for all of your different social media good customer service?

Get Started at Customus.Biz

Also to point out… with so…

Put your business on a platter

It’s time to put a bit more hospitality in every small business. Ever advancing technology and emerging social media makes it possible to achieve amazing things that have never before been possible. Small business needs an increased focus on content creation, sharing and learning new things. How can technology help you provide more customer service??? How can you roll out the red carpet further in your niche???

I have a lot of thoughts & solutions about this topic in elegant catering, boutique hospitality, events, etc. Perhaps I will get into that in future posts, but you can also always reach…

Crystal Ballroom at Flanders Valley Weddings

My name is Anthony Piccirillo and I am the General Manager of Flanders Valley Weddings & Banquets. We are an event space in Morris County, New Jersey that caters to one event at a time. Along with managing the venue, I have an entrepreneurial hobby level project going on at TonyCatering.Com. I strive to connect with thought leaders, industry peers, students, clients and have a few products & services available b2b/b2c. I have recently discovered this great blogging site Medium and here is my first blog post.

I have twenty years experience in small business / boutique hospitality as a…

Anthony Piccirillo

Licensed Real Estate Professional in NJ. Consulting in Marketing, Advertising, Promotion & Sales at TonyCatering.Com.

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