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Continued thoughts and prayers with everyone. First concern, we are as healthy and prepared as possible. Stay safe; follow guidance we will get through this.

I’m not sure of the implications can be fully quantified yet, PicNJHomes yields to more forthcoming research and would be delighted to connect. We can further discuss, learn & collect more research.

If you are curious now, about anything specific, let me know. …

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Small business owners, if you happen to have a small store filled with inventory, but you can’t be open — stay calm. I feel for you. My heart goes goes out to you, I know how much you love your small business. I’m sorry to see you in this challenge. Sure, this isn’t easy, I want you to know, Customus has a solution.

Customus Has a Cost Sensible Solution

If you are shut down, closed or staying home, don’t overly stress this — it is the right thing. Stay home and continue to focus on your business remotely. Focus on your family, health, and wellness as the country continues to inform us what our outlook is within the 15 day advisory. …

Following Up on Topic From Yesterday

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Full disclaimer… this read promotes my product, which I believe is a good solution right now. This is not a hard sell, not greed, we are an underfunded, bootrapping group, hard working toward a practile solution. Sure, a capital investment would probably be good use of funds, to deploy deep domain expertise in areas like remote servicing, sanitary food delivery, social distancing and offering outstanding serve to the public, hospitality side. If you know anyone that may be interested, please share this & thanks for your interst.

Customus Enables businesses to better service, entertain, build loyalty & retain their most valued clientele — from anywhere. We can achieve this, for a fraction of the fees that businesses are being approached with currently. In fact, there are some techniques & strategies that enable them to save money. …


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