Put your business on a platter

It’s time to put a bit more hospitality in every small business. Ever advancing technology and emerging social media makes it possible to achieve amazing things that have never before been possible. Small business needs an increased focus on content creation, sharing and learning new things. How can technology help you provide more customer service??? How can you roll out the red carpet further in your niche???

I have a lot of thoughts & solutions about this topic in elegant catering, boutique hospitality, events, etc. Perhaps I will get into that in future posts, but you can also always reach out to me directly for more collaboration at TonyCatering.Com. I would be thrilled to connect.

BUT — Today… I’m thinking…. How can technology help you provide more customer service???

You need to develop a presence across multiple social media platforms, not just one or two. You need to fill your social with great content. Post & share great content and diversify your action among several different platforms. A diversified portfolio of social media will increase the likelihood that you might be able to connect with clients anywhere, anytime.

Namely? Connect with me at TonyCatering.Com. I’ll share some thoughts for a great social mix in my niche, but while I’m well versed I do not claim to be a social media guru. Where you should be varies across type of business and also what market your business is catering to.

Like I said, I’m no guru… for that I would recommend that you follow the great Gary Vaynerchuk. He has vast social media solutions that will greatly help you. What I am is a conscientious observer, constant researcher, strong listener that does my due diligence and then strives hard to put new practices into action.

So my question remains… What are you doing to roll the red carpet out further?

Here is one way that you can start, go to Customus.Biz. I have made a cost effective solution available at my hobby site, TonyCatering.Com and we call it Customus. There should be no business without Customus. With Customus, you can further roll the red carpet out to your clients. The meat & potatoes of your business can be packaged along side your social media and more. It is an excellent solution toward helping you win the future.

This project isn’t starting with a big budget, so I’d appreciate it if you gave some us consideration. Give it a look & if you should have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Anthony Pic