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Folks, face it… Social Media is here to stay. Having robust social media is an enormous necessity for your business. The thing is, you can’t have only one good social media site. Customers are perusing the market place on many different platforms. You NEED multiple social media outlets for your business.

You MUST HAVE a diversified portfolio of social media.

But my question is ~ Is asking your customers to go all over the internet searching for all of your different social media good customer service?

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Also to point out… with so many great conveniences available, is it great service to not offer great mobile solutions?

At CUSTOMUS, we don’t think so.

That is why we have assembled a cost effective App that hosts all of your social media in one place. This App is not only a mobile website. Your Customus App will be available for download from all the major platforms like the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Your App will be able to send Push Notes announcing anything that you want about your business. Tell your users about trade events, promotions, sales, social media posts… anything!

Put the Phone back in hand for CALLS at the push of a button. Oh yea, these nifty gadgets can also make calls :-).

Let Customers call, email and view all of the pertinent information about your business.

When a customer downloads your APP, your business becomes an ICON on a customer’s phone and NOT merely a search result among many.

Meanwhile, while it is still early in the move… YOU become an ICON in your industry.

Why would you want to be subjected to a SEARCH RESULT when results WILL include MOST ALL of your competitors? If you want to stay on the shelf next to all the other choices in your industry… go ahead.

BUT — why would you want to do that when you could use good old-fashioned customer service, combined with modern technology to bypass SEARCH and become an ICON on your customer’s phone.

Take Your Small Business Back!

Offer service at an entirely new level!

Let customers explore at the simple tap on a smart screen. Think about it… How could you justify buying a refrigerator magent, business card or flyer before developing this incredible tool.

It doesn’t take very much… A quick introduction, a download and your done.

We include cards announcing your App to your customers with a unique URL AND most of the time, you will find that guests want to download your App in your office immediately. If you are present in your business, you should be able to WIN a conversion and create an intimate following with no problems.

There should be NO business, without Customus!

Contact Apps@Customus.Net to get started!

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