The only vegetarian that won’t tell you. Wait…I just…

Anyone that knows me knows I’m trying to be healthy. I’m not sure why but for me it’s more than this “trend” that’s taking place amongst the masses at this point in time. I hope it’s not a trend but it just looks that way at the moment.

So why am I trying to be healthy? I’m doing it for longevity and quality of life not for Instagram likes and attention from the opposite sex.

I stopped smoking (weed) December 31st 2016 because I believe I cannot preach about health and still be smoking, it’s oxymoronic. I haven’t smoked for 194 days now. Although there hasn’t been any direct link YET to smoking weed and health problems I don’t think my lungs are meant to filter smoke.

That’s all good and well but now I’m looking closely at diet, I’ve been vegetarian for 2 years and a couple weeks now (22 June 2015) and I feel great. I still eat eggs and cheese and this is what this kind of what this post is about….

Some people have said for example eggs are bad for you. Some have said eggs are essential especially when deciding to not eat meat anymore. Some people blah blah blah. Basically everyone is talking….

How do you decide what’s best for you?

Who are we to believe when it comes to a healthy diet? Some would say that this well known organisation with a good reputation said to eat meat and drink milk while another says these things will eventually kill you and give you diseases that have been killing your elders since god knows when.

So how do you make a choice?

On a basic level one decision means you go against what doctors are prescribing altogether and the other means you take their recommendations even though there’s evidence to suggest their prescriptions aren’t healthy. Life threatening to be exact…

It appears there’s evidence to back both claims also. Someone has to be lying though.. right?

Even when I was studying to be a personal trainer the teacher was a doctor and he said, even though he thinks meat is bad for you he’ll still eat it because he likes it. I wish I could adopt a similar attitude but my body literally tells me when I’m eating something I shouldn’t be so it’s not that easy for me.

This post is getting too long, to summarise I’m just thinking can we rely on doctors and the health industry when it comes to making healthy decisions??? Who is right, who is lying and who is being paid promote the lies?