I Fasted For 24 Hours

From Friday 21st July 7pm to Saturday 22nd July 7pm.


Just to reset my system, to me it’s kind of weird to think that your digestive system is working basically all the time. I practice intermittent fasting regularly just to reduce the stress that we put on our digestive systems daily and not to over indulge and stuff my body with food it doesn’t need… it feels great.

Side note

I’m not sure how this makes sense but when I used to eat meat I didn’t realise what foods upset my stomach. I was almost disconnected from my digestive system. I loved eating meat by the way I’m not one of those militant non meat eater people. One day I finally became connected with my digestive system, and one piece of meat gave me these terrible stomach pains. For around 2 months or at least what felt like 2 months.

Rather than going to the doctor and getting “medicine” without actually knowing what the problem is I decided to do some self analysis

My belly is hurting, maybe I’ve eaten something bad?

With a simple diet change, simple because if the change meant no more excruciating stomach pains I would do it with no problem. So that’s the long story as to why I turned vegetarian…

Back To Fasting, how did I feel?

The experience of not eating for 24 hours is a funny one. I felt hungry at breakfast time which is usually around midday for me.

A couple hours passed and by then I was numb to that feeling of hunger.

I felt really light but still full of energy. No dizziness or feelings of weakness.

I realised how much I think about food and what I’m going to eat next. My mind started to clear and I became more present.

I love breathing meditations so I done more of that with this time of clarity. This light energetic feeling increased while doing so.

I then started wonder how long I could do this for as I stepped closer and closer to the 24 hour mark…

Maybe next time I could try 38 hours?

That first meal at 7pm the following day was so sweet. I appreciated it more than usual, the feeling of accomplishment at the same time gratitude filled my body.

Overall it was a good experience that I’m going to try again soon. I fasted while at work but I’m in two minds as to whether that’s a good idea.

I’ll soon find out.