I Wouldn’t Pay For Medium

I get 0 reads on every post. Medium doesn’t need me, chill.

I wouldn’t pay to use any website focused on user based content except for Apple Music.

All these user based content sites are big on free labour, without the user YOU and ME they cannot survive. I’m surprised that medium have created some kind premium service section. Then it occurred to me I’ve never seen a advert on this site since I started using it in 2015, so this move is understandable.


I’m not convinced I need to pay $5 a month for audio stories, “exclusive” posts and a offline reading list, no offence to medium of course. I can still get the most out of this place without paying every month and as consumers I think you should all start using this “power to pay” more often.

Would you be upset if medium started using adverts to keep the lights on? I think that would’ve been a better option, a better trade. Right now people are paying $5 for a extra 3 features?

It doesn’t seem worth it to me.

What’s free labour?

Before I finish for those that don’t know free labour in this context is when you have a website that’s free to sign up to and use but the creator of the website uses all the content however they see fit in an effort to gain profit. The only space that’s failed to really find a way to capitalise on this method is twitter. Hopefully you get my point…