I’ve Ruined Medium

It’s my own fault but I think I’ve ruined my Medium experience or the authors that I’ve decided to follow are all writing about the same thing.

10 STEPS TO BE A BETTER PERSON or HOW TO BE SUCCESSFUL. It’s making me feel sick, furthermore I click the story just to make sure this isn’t the same nonsense I read when I actually needed some inspiration… but it is the same nonsense. I know there’s more on medium than this. I just know it. I’m numb to these kind of posts and subject matter. I now need articles on science, yoga and fitness, that’s not too much to ask. Is there any posts out there about building brands and making connections with the audience? Something interesting about how the brain works? Anything!

All of sudden it seems like being ‘better’ is in fashion. But what does that actually mean? Nothing really especially if you can’t decide to define the word for yourself. It’s my fault I always expect more from the internet or maybe I’m looking in the wrong places and searching for the wrong things. So underwhelmed.

I want to use the internet as a tool but I’m so stuck in this search suggestion cycle I keep getting sucked in.

The search engines always seem to know what I’m looking for but it’s inaccurate, based on the thought process I adopted a few years ago… ‘I need to be better, let me see if someone can define that for me.’ So instead of using the internet to my advantage the internet is using me in some ways. Especially on twitter, I think I’m really addicted to twitter.

Leaving pointless comments,
page refresh then scroll again.

I’m not using it to its full potential, if it still has any. It’s a social media site but the way I’m using it isn’t social, it’s silly. I know this but I’ll still open the app and do the same thing over and over again. I know I’m not using medium to its full potential either. It seems I’ve just dropped one addiction for another and it’s upsetting. I can do better (there’s that silly word again) than this but I’m not. I’m afraid of missing out? Is FOMO even real? What have I done to my attention span?

That twitter thing is a whole next story I’ll save for another post. Although I’ve been cold turkey for a couple weeks I still need to address that situation.

Despite everything I’ve just said I’d like to thank Jon Westenberg, please sir do keep providing that much needed content.

If you’re reading this please do me the greatest favor and direct me to some content worth consuming? Please.