Stop Paying To Breath

Stop paying to stretch as well…

I don’t mind capitalism, sometimes though it finds itself in places it has no business in. In the wellbeing space for example. How do you try and sell the idea of meditation? How do you teach yoga classes for an absurd amount of money? Both things can be done at home free of charge.

Of course a teacher will always increase your learning experience.

So one or two lessons wouldn’t hurt, but to constantly keep going every week spending hard earned cash on a membership just for someone to say “NOW BEND” and “NOW BREATH” doesn’t sound right to me.

Meditation apps destroy a meditation session.

Someone constantly talking In the background of your meditative experience ruins it. The aim is to quiet the mind, if your mind wonders during the session it’s your task to bring it back to the present. Having a voice in the background doesn’t help that, worldly noise is good. A voice that rarely changes its words isn’t, it’s robotic.

I love how everyone wants to be healthy in mind and body but capitalism shouldn’t be involved. It’s not needed. People should at least take time to see if they can do it by themselves and make their own decision after.

I did, then I realised after I don’t need to go to any yoga class and I don’t need no app for meditation.