The Stage For Expression

Don’t be afraid to express yourself… anywhere.

After so many years questioning why people do things it’s only occurred to me recently. I’ve been judging people from a place of fear. Give me a minute and I’ll explain what these THINGS are.

Most people’s actions are just a result of them expressing themselves.

Someone dresses up in a flamboyant manner, it’s an expression of the self. A person has pink hair, it’s an expression of the self. Another being says something others are afraid to…. guess what, that’s an expression of the self. Tattoos, piercings, art, music, social circles and fashion choices are all stages to express yourself, you don’t have to limit yourself there either. The world is the stage to express yourself so why limit yourself in fear? Why have I been limiting myself?

Am I afraid of what other people will think of me? I shouldn’t be because they’re probably judging from a place of fear also. How free can I be if I’m worried about what strangers are going to think?!

Even me writing these posts is an expression of the self. Hopefully these posts are of value to someone but if they’re not it doesn’t matter because it’s giving me a chance to explore thoughts just a bit more. It’s giving me a chance to make sense of things.

Some days I would want to write but be afraid of grammar or maybe the places I place my commas doesn’t make sense when it comes to proper English, but I soon realised it doesn’t matter. As long as the reader can comprehend what my message is that’s all that concerns me.

Today I’m making sense of self expression. Taking that understanding a little deeper. When I see people act in certain ways rather than question why did they do that I just digest it as inspiration. It makes me want to express myself in my own way.

Don’t be threatened by someone’s actions of freedom. Furthermore ask yourself why are you not acting in a way that’s true to your self.

Why aren’t you expressing yourself?