There Is No “I”

Today’s lecture was really interesting. I will do my best to explain its content.

To summarise, there’s no such thing as the separate self. There is no “I” all that exists is a collective consciousness. Society is a machine that specialises in imitation. Meaning there’s no originality in our actions everything is influenced by something or someone else, an imitation.

So Buddha was right? We are all one being? I can accept that.

The one thing I couldn’t accept is that we are just imitators, the tutor was implying we don’t have our own thoughts or our own original creative input…. It’s just an imitation. I don’t believe we are that simple as humans.

Even if all we do is imitate the results of that act isn’t that of an imitation alone, a mutation takes place. We add something to the end product of the imitation process, it gets mixed up with life experiences, the environment and more importantly what that little voice in our head tells us to do. (I’m starting to think that little voice in our heads is God but I’ll save that for another post.)


I don’t think anything that’s living can be simplified so much to say that humans only imitate so there’s no such thing as the “I”. There’s a mix, a mix of “I” and the “other”. I seriously believe we are all connected in some shape or form but that does not suggest we are just merely imitating what is happening around us and to us. People need to create individual identities for this very reason, to attempt to create something original, to roll the dice in the game of playing God and God needs a name. It cannot be simple imitation, although it is a good starting point, a precursor or a bookmark giving we a page to start writing where someone cut short.