Serial Void Filler

Thinking about if we have purpose on this earth or do we just make our own meaning. I’m comfortable with whatever the answer may be.

Tired. Again. Thinking. Something different and so interesting that you might get tired just thinking about it.

How do I fill the void?

The void is something I don’t like to put into words but I will try. The void is like a black hole constantly eating things never being satisfied, full, content, happy if you don’t fill it properly. Some of us fill it with drugs, some of us love and some of us just keep working, buying new shiny things and accepting this temporary fulfilment. It won’t be satisfied if you keep throwing meaningless experiences into it, and maybe that’s why you’re feeling empty right now (that’s ok I feel empty too). What’s even more tiring is that after you find the right thing to fill it it’s still going to want more, but at least you’ve found something temporary. Something with meaning… Right?

I’ve learned not to hate this empty feeling but to question it.

What’s my problem WHY am I not satisfied? I get tired again when I try to think of WHAT satisfies me….

Steady income (I don’t need to be rich). I like to help people I want to contribute to something bigger than me, explore different cultures and meet new people. But that seems too broad, too open to pinpoint exactly what that means. I know what I mean though.

So I’ve decided to conduct an experiment on myself and I suggest you do the same.

Without hurting myself or anyone around me I will throw whatever I can find into the void. I want to see how long it can be filled for and are these things progressive, oppressive or just “neutral”. Keep what works and burn the rest.

The void is a tricky thing to be filled,

Buddha said everything I need is inside of me. Some people say money makes them happy, so everything they need is outside of them? I’ve experienced satisfaction taking both of these approaches, I understand there may be no one right answer but many right answers.

Maybe the void cannot be filled. Maybe there is no void in the first place…