Anthony S Casey

Quite a precocious youth, Anthony S Casey’s success began at an early age. Not only did he attend the prestigious Chatham House school, he excelled at the advanced level. Chatham House is known to produce top notch athletes, Olympians, ambassadors, and scholars. And like many intelligent youth, Anthony deferred entrance to university, opting to broaden his horizons by traveling the world.

In 1993, he joined a 54-foot yacht crew and sailed across the Atlantic Ocean. Through this, he had the wonderful opportunity to visit a majority of the Caribbean islands. As he personally and professionally developed, Anthony S Casey eventually relocated to Germany where he would further explore his love for electronic dance music (EDM). He and his business partner established Raveco, an organization designed to enhance the VIP clubbing experience, allowing VIP clients to mingle with celebrities and world famous DJs. At it’s peak, Raveco was supplying VIP tickets to over 1000 people per night in 5 different countries


Outside of his successful entrepreneurial endeavors, Anthony has made generous contributions to his community including the Action for Aids Singapore charity ball in 2012. He continues to invite his best clients, closest friends, and business associates to donate and support the cause.

Anthony currently splits his time between Singapore, Australia, London, and Spain.