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Dr. Anthony S. Johnson has been working in the veterinary profession for over twenty-five years. In his time as a vet, nothing has changed the way he works quite like the COVID-19 pandemic. Offices are closed or working in totally new ways, people are home and spending more time with their pets, and a business focused on customer service and animal welfare is now required to respect social distancing orders. These changes have been an adjustment, not only for vets and those who work with them, but for pet owners, too.

Many veterinary offices are now only seeing emergency and severe cases in-person. Routine check-ups, nail trims, and other non-essential services are being limited if not canceled all together. Etiquette surrounding vet visits has changed and Dr. Anthony S. Johnson is here to advise pet parents on the best, most efficient ways to make sure your pet gets exactly what he or she needs with as little stress on them and their humans as possible. …

What Happens When My Dog Eats Chocolate?

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Dr. Anthony S. Johnson is a veterinarian and academic hailing from Carmel, Indiana, now living and working in Illinois. His nearly twenty-five years in the industry teaching, publishing, and heading up veterinary emergency departments has taught him quite a lot about dogs, chocolate, and the panic some owners experience when their pup ingests the sweet stuff.

Step 1: Don’t Panic

The truth about chocolate is that it can be toxic, but dogs rarely ingest enough for it to be serious. If you catch your dog eating something it shouldn’t, always take note of what they ate, how much, and when. …

Plainfield, Illinois

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So, you think you’re ready to be a pet owner? You’ve done your research and are ready to take the plunge. However, there’s more to pet ownership than providing a home and basic necessities. There are four must-haves for every pet parent, says veterinarian Dr. Anthony S. Johnson, regardless of the type of pet you get.

1) Time

Time is probably the biggest investment you will have to make in your new friend. There is no point in getting a pet if you are not prepared to spend time with it. …


Anthony S. Johnson

Medical Director, VIN. Carmel, Indiana.

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