Dr. Anthony S. Johnson Uncovers the Truth About Dogs & Chocolate

What Happens When My Dog Eats Chocolate?

Step 1: Don’t Panic

The truth about chocolate is that it can be toxic, but dogs rarely ingest enough for it to be serious. If you catch your dog eating something it shouldn’t, always take note of what they ate, how much, and when. Then, call your vet before you panic. Chances are they can help you over the phone and ease any concerns you have if the case isn’t serious.

Know When to Contact Your Vet

What most pet owners don’t know is that it would take quite a lot milk chocolate, about a pound of chocolate per twenty pounds of dog, for toxicity levels to become concerning. So, if your Chihuahua managed to eat ten chocolate bars, it’s probably time to go to the vet’s office or local emergency department. If your Labrador retriever ate seven M&Ms from the bottom of an unattended bowl, chances are it’ll be just fine. “No matter what the case, there’s no harm in giving your vet a call,” says Dr. Johnson. “Speaking from experience, most vets are more than willing to let you know over the phone whether they think your pet needs to come in.”



Medical Director, VIN. Carmel, Indiana.

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