In 2016, I sold my startup for seven figures — and it ruined me.
Kenan Hopkins

Keep in mind that sometimes people’s own money issues get in the way and its not about you. Personally mine were coming up and at first I thought it was a ‘veiled way of you bragging’ but I realized that it was my own issues. I’ve been (and still am) friends with millionaires and the best ones don’t really talk too much about it around me. They don’t make me ‘feel’ like they are millionaires — they don’t complain about issues I don’t understand, they don’t brag about what they bought (not saying you do), and they show that they are interested in my life — some I didn’t even know where millionaires. maybe you shouldn’t drive up in a Tesla and park down the block for example. Maybe you shouldn’t wear $300 jeans to someone’s house who is struggling to pay rent. Thanks for your openness about it.

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