Religious discrimination dressed up as nationality restrictions was hateful when it was done to us in 1921. The sending back of Jewish refugees fleeing war and Nazi persecution on the German ocean liner the MS St. Louis was hateful when it was done to us in 1939.
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The Worst Meta-Propaganda in History

“Meta-Propaganda” / @Anti1802

By Joseph Vainsberg

Facts about May 13, 1939, the German transoceanic liner St. Louis cruised from Hamburg, Germany, for Havana, Cuba.

On the voyage their were 937 travelers. All were Jews escaping from the Third Reich. Most were German nationals, some were from eastern Europe, and a couple were formally “stateless.” There were barely just recounted reports about concentration camps, and first occasions of mass extermination beginning around 1940. These reports were intermixed with “ordinary” stories of war/occupation monstrosities.

A ‘concentration camp' was a place where the detainees lived and were worked, utilized as lab test material and such. The detainees were given some food, so one could live 3 — 6 months for the most part. Some figured out how to live until end of the war, so we have declarations. These spots had much greater protect teams.

There are for all intents and purposes no declarations from ‘extermination camps’, where estimated 3+ million individuals vanished.

Auschwitz (some others)* was a combo fixation exterior camp. Thus perplexity of those two ideas.

Taking after the US government’s refusal to allow the travelers to land, the St. Louis cruised back to Europe on June 6, 1939. The travelers did not go back to Germany, nonetheless. The majority of the 937 Jewish passengers had applied for US visas.

Out these 937 passengers how many were unidentifiable, or potentially a risk to national security? Zero.

#Meta-propaganda is particularly powerful.

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