To Whom It May Concern, … / “We’re The Community”

“… we’re the community”

To Whom it May Concern,

We (or most) are all aware of this: At large, this is an exclusionary, discriminatory “community.” Black Americans and marginalized minorities who don’t palatalize their “Blackness” or culture on extremes (athleticism, artistry, cool, culture) for fetishizing and shameless appropriation within this “community” are not welcomed. We do not belong to this “community.” Black folks are aware of this, tho. I have no desire to be included or to belong in this “community.” If you don’t belong in a community, compromise in pursuit of and desire for acceptance into said community/group, while systemically and socially excluded from inclusion, is futile, detrimental to your psychological health, and often indicative of a lack of self-love and self-respect.

Any reasonable, self-respecting person can agree with this.

With a history of systemic and institutional oppressions, ostracisms, exploitations, and degradations preceding these uprisings and dating back centuries, we’re aware of the harsh realities and disadvantages endured by oppressed, ostracized, exploited, degraded peoples in this country. Sympathy and empathy (logically) succeed a genuine or even obligatory desire for understanding: participation in open dialogue, independent research, open-mindedness. Anything. To demand and expect such from the willfully oblivious who consistently express little desire to sympathize/empathize or seek any understanding seems like an inefficent use of time and energy to me.

Any reasonable, self-respecting person can agree with this.

This is not a “Dear America” or “Dear ___” piece. Major media outlets sensationalize more than their fair share of protest/uprisings and dehumanizing barbarity endured by marginalized peoples at the hands of police. More than enough information/literature concerning the historical and systemic/institutional marginalizations of “Black America” and collective excellences of African diaspora circulate social media and popular news sites. Oblivious Americans have the privilege of pursuing socioeconomic ascension/stability while maintaining comfortable lifestyles sans understanding, education, or awareness beyond their bubbles. Ostracized Americans at large, neglected, exploited, and oppressed by their governments, local law enforcements, and public school systems, do not. If I desire sympathy/empathy and understanding from anyone, these are the people I want to engage with to cultivate understand among. Along with the people who seek understanding beyond their tribes, sympathize/empathize with plights, and aid in combating injustice and sufferings through action or merely in spirit. Not people who consistently show time and time again that they don’t care, and couldn’t care less.

Any reasonable, self-respecting person can agree with this.

“Dear America” and “Dear ___” movies and media accomplish little. Let’s readdress and redirect “Dear ___ _____” posts, articulations, and rhetoric to the oppressed. The ostracized. The exploited. The neglected. Frustrated, Tenacious. Resilient. Socially deft. Cool. Soulful. Beautiful. Limitless. These are the people I direct my frustrations, articulations, rhetoric, knowledge, love, and understanding towards in pursuit of understanding, growth, progress, and empowerment. The people who are directly affected and empowered in cultivating understanding and sympathy/empathy. The people who love. The people who care. To Whom It May Concern.

Any reasonable, self-respecting person will understand this.


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