Uncle Ken, the Gestapo and mangling of history

Have you got an old uncle, relative or talkative neighbour?

You remember when they were nice and helpful? But sadly they have declined and age takes its toll.

Ken Livingstone is such an old neighbour.

As London Mayor, first time around he did wonderful thing, better organised London, improved transport, etc

But since losing to Boris Johnson, poor old Ken has deteriorated.

He has taken to reading weird books, which were once published by the Extreme Right, he has become obsessive about one ethnic minority, Jews.

Instead of sitting in the back garden, mumbling to himself with a cup of tea and frogs for company poor old Ken has been doing the rounds of the media.

It is sad.

He reads historians with vigour yet mangles the simplest dates, concepts and in doing so Ken insults Jews, and history.

Why? His latest gaffe is to claim that the

“…Gestapo worked with Israeli agents in Mossad…”

Israel was created in 1948.

Mossad was created in 1949.

The Gestapo was created in the 1930s.

So unless one or the other parties have a time machine it is unlikely that they ever met.

But poor old Ken believes that, with all of his heart, and regrettably it will probably go down as an urban legend on the fringes of the British Left.

So if you see Uncle Ken walking the streets confused, don’t interview him, rather take him home for a nice cup of tea and a comfy chair. Uncle Ken deserves a long rest, in the garden with his amphibians.