Welsh Labour, racism and Mike Sivier

Seemingly some in the modern Labour Party have no major problem invoking terminology and even ideas straight from the 1930s, or being exceedingly charitable, they are merely purblind to antisemitism.

So it is with Mike Sivier.

As previously shown by this guest post, Sivier has no difficulty excusing racism towards Jews or interacting with neo-Nazis on-line.

But readers should judge this future Labour councillor’s own words for themselves:

“…I would point out that (without further information) concerns that Tony Blair was being “unduly influenced” by “a cabal of Jewish advisors” may have been entirely justified.

Go on, read and re-read that sentence.

Then ponder where and when it is ever, outside of a neo-Nazi gang, opportune to use the vile expression “a cabal of Jewish advisors”?

It never is.

Further, imagine suggesting that it “may have been entirely justified.”

It never is.

Those were the word of Mike Sivier. A future Labour councillor in Wales.

Update 1:

Wales Online has reported Welsh Labour council candidate suspended in antisemitism row.