Why I love Sean Spicer
Tobias Stone

The saddest/funniest? thing about Spicer is that he comes loaded for bear every day — like he’s laying down groundrules that purportedly change daily…but they don’t. His rendition of being “in charge,” I guess. Spicer gives the feeling that Trump just threw him out there for comedic balance, as a kind of “diversion” to give the press little shiny things to trace while “the big boys” get to play with their battleships, airplanes and “bomb-y things.”

The truth is, Spicer is getting back at every team who picked him last for softball or kickball, for every time he got squackered playing dodge ball, for every de-pantsing and wedgie incident, and every snarky reference made about his wee junk in front of the girls’ lockers.

He is the human equivalent of a NASCAR race — every day, he’s gonna turn left and we’re really only watching for the inevitable firy pile-up at the end.

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