God, the inner light, and why I’m Polyamorous.

Many people have said “To know God is to know love,” and “God is love.” From the sheer number of people who’ve told me this, I think it’s easy to see God that way. Lets challenge that view just a little and flip it around.

I believe that “Love is god.”

Growing up I met many people who told me they felt God. My mom was atheist. She told me there was wrong and right, but no God. God was just a silly person to whom people wished via prayer. When we would go to parties or family gatherings people would piteously say, “I feel so sad for you that you don’t know what God feels like.” or “Your kid should grow up knowing divine love.” I thought I was really missing something. As an adolescent I went to churches all over searching high and low for a vague sense of purpose and emotional fulfilment I thought I didn’t have.

Years later I was meditating with a group of non theists and the most wonderful blissful feeling melted over me. It washed away all my worries. I gazed upon the faces of those with me and realised that I was feeling “God.” Seeing each face made me feel close to the earth and sky, safe and trusting of every person, loving the core of humanity. I felt complete. Like I suddenly felt the divine that everyone had been talking about. That’s when I knew it:

God isn’t a person, god is our ability to feel love and connect with one another. Reciprocated love is the feeling of god.

Perhaps this is why nearly every religion is based on the golden rule.

The light in each human shines bright as the sun to me; I can feel the warmth from everyone. I guess that’s why I’m a Quaker. We believe the “light of God” is in everyone. I see the beauty, the spark, the immersive experience which is each soul.

So I fall in love with every person I meet. Literally. I meet a new person and my world becomes more colourful. I want to get to know the person even if we’re just engaging in small talk. It’s a small burst of new relationship energy that catches my interest and gives me wonder. This happens over and over to me as I meet new people each day. It’s why I stop to talk with strangers. And why I know all the cashiers by name at my grocer’s.

Some people resonate or strike certain chords within me. These people become closer to me, friends. Some are family. Occasionally I fall into a romantic relationship with one of my friends because we reciprocate love so well. This happens because of who the person is~ they are so wonderful that I love them. Their love adds to the love of every other person I love. Their love never takes away from any of my other relationships, it just adds to the love pile.

I love everyone. There’s no limit to who I can love or how much I could potentially love. I can have infinite friends, infinite chosen family, infinite romantic partners. It would seem illogical for me to constrict my life, my relationships, and my family using the American nuclear family mold.

Why be heteronormitive? Trans and gay people have the light of god too. Why be monogonormitive? Some people love more than one person. Their relationships are filled with the light of God too! There isn’t a moral reason families have to be one shape. Families come in many colours, shapes, and sizes these days. One size does not fit all and that’s okay.

I see the light of god in everyone. So I am polyamorous.