Turn the past into well-grounded future with AntiqMall, the world’s first antiques platform on blockchain

Dec 10, 2017 · 3 min read

At the present moment the creation of highly profitable investment projects is a priority not only for the business elite, but for ordinary citizens as well. Among the most popular spheres of investment, the leading positions are still occupied by real estate, shares of large companies, banking metals, antiques and art. For instance, antiques investing is viewed as a hedge against market volatility, though in many countries it is a new, but actively growing tendency.

Over the past few decades, the growth of the world antiques market has reached to more than 200%. To a large extent, this growth is determined by the following factors:

  • the expansion of the geographical boundaries of the antiques market, which in addition to Europe and North America, also includes the countries of Asia, the Asia-Pacific region, the Middle East and Latin America;
  • investment attractiveness and constant price growth of works of art, that is becoming noticeable against the background of economic crisis. Antiques and collectibles have reached new heights of popularity, as the average annual income received by acquiring the objects of antiquity can be equal from 20 to 50% per annum.
  • accessibility of works of art. The global antiques market is able to satisfy the demands of people of any class, representing items of diverse price categories;
  • gradual Internet expansion of the art market, whose conservatism, however, restricts active online trade of antiques .

Having analyzed the current situation, the company AntiqMall created the world’s first online aggregator for art objects sale, which presents more than 250,000 items of antiques and modern art to suit every taste and purse. The company’s goal is to provide users with the opportunity to purchase art objects as easily as in an ordinary online store. The unique concept of AntiqMall, one of the pioneers of the world’s online antiques market, will allow the company to become its leading player in the nearest future.

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AntiqMall was set up by a team of like-minded people, united by a common idea, in 2009. In 2017 the company enters a new level, having revolutionized the world antiques industry and created a decentralized blockchain platform.

The service will allow the antiques market to become transparent, convenient and safe for all its participants, due to the mechanism of a secure transaction, implemented on the blockchain, using smart contracts. The token, issued by the company, will become a reliable investment tool. In total, there will be issued 7.5 million tokens (1 AMT = $ 0.45) for settlements for purchases on the site, discounts on purchases and partners’ promotion.

After completion of the ICO and entering the tock exchanges, rate of AMT token will increase continuously due to the growth of the number of platform users who will benefit from AMT tokens. The exchange value of the token will also be promoted by its buying back from the stock exchanges with subsequent burning. The company intends to spend 50% of profit on tokens buyback, starting from the eighteenth month after the end of the ICO.

Being backed by fiat money and at the same time being a cryptographic token, AMT token is a must have component of a reliable investment project.

AntiqMall Team.


Web site: https://antiqmall-ico.io

Chat: https://t.me/AntiqMall_ICO_En

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