I’m a Muslim, a woman and an immigrant. I voted for Trump
Asra Nomani

I’m all for Trump bashing.

I’m also guessing that the author was aware this was going to be a case of ‘publish and be damned’.

But I do feel that the mostly critical and hostile response slightly misses the point.

If you find unstomachable (as I do) the way Trump has conducted his election campaign and would’ve never voted for him (as I would have not, were I eligible), you are never going to see the arguments or justifications of the pro-Trumpers as either rational or solid.

However, I do think Ms Nomani’s post (which I thought was rather well-written, except for one super-long sentence) does tell us this:

Trump voters don’t take Trump’s distasteful and irresponsible rhetoric literally. Only we, his opponents, do.

Moreover, Trump voters seem to be driven by a ‘things can only can better’ credo. This means the bar for his achievements as president has been set so low, he only needs to tweak a few things to be hailed as successful and win another election in 2020.

I’m sorry to leave you with this horror vision.

But simply dismissing the views of Trump voters as ‘idiotic’ or ‘nonsensical’ has proven pretty ineffective this time around.

We can only hope the man falls on his sword — literally, if you like .

But then we’ll be left with Mike Pence.

Again, I’m sorry to leave you with this horror vision.

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