Why I turned down $500K, Pissed off my investors, and Shut down my startup
Tim Romero

My first thought was: Why would you pull the plug on a project that had been in the making for ‘only months’ and that others had confidence in? Surely, you have to give users the time they need to integrate your product into their habits and routines. Don’t we all sit on tools and software for months — or longer — only to rediscover their usefulness and take advantage of (at least some of) their functionalities when ‘the moment is right for us’?

But now that I’ve read the entire article (twice) I can only say this: I salute you for trusting your own judgement and making — what I’m sure was — a very distressing decision. The section in your post about the value of your time / life vs someone else’s investment has been quoted widely. It’s beautiful, it’s honest and it resonates. In today’s world where success is measured in billions, it takes guts to admit that your physical and mental wellbeing are more important to you than someone’s dollars. We could all take a lesson from this.

All the best to you.