3 mantras to generate leads through inbound marketing

Due to vast number of raw leads generated in a company’s blog / website, it is a huge task for a marketer to identify and bring down the right leads. Here are 3 inbound marketing mantras to convert raw visitors to a potential prospects.

  1. Providing relevant content
    Provide visitors with relevant content, which should grab their attention and trigger them to learn more about the topic. This activity would cover the top two sales funnels of conversion process (Awareness-education-promotion-trail-prospect). 
    Example: Article 1: Does yoga affect your stress level? 
     Article 2: Top 10 benefits of Yoga towards work life
  2. Publishing sequential blogs on specific topic
    Blogs on sequential basis on the same topic would strongly educate the visitors and get them interested in knowing how it could benefit themselves or their company. 
    Example: Article 1: Benefits of yoga — Part 1 of 3
     Article 2: Benefits of Yoga — Part 2 of 3 etc.
  3. Asking visitors what they want to read
    Creating personalized content could eventually build the trust between readers and the company. 
    Example: Article 1: Does yoga affect your stress level?
    (Based on visitor’s comments and request)
     Article 2: Yoga for dummies!

So, what’s a marketer to do? I can’t say what works for you and what doesn’t. That’s why I have a comment section and a community of super-smart readers. Do let me know what worked for you!

Originally posted on LinkedIn

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