First week of being a Digital Nomad: What am I doing ?

Hi, my name is Antoine ROUSSEAUX, 24 years old french traveller. I recently got a master degree in Management of Information System and Web. I was doing project management at Louis Vuitton during my work and study program.

Long story short, I wanted to continue working on my french blog about tips with the main goal of creating my (real) company. I just arrived in Bali.

What am I doing ?

First, I chose to stay at a couchsurfing place for 2 nights in South Kuta. It’s the best way to start knowing people abroad and the area if you want to stay longer.

Ok, now i am sleeping on the other side of the planet. Tons of questions come to my mind. Why I am doing this ? Why leave my friends and family ? The comfort zone was cool ? Shouldn’t I start working like every other graduate to get money ? What if I go back ? After all there are tons of opportunity for acquistion/marketing jobs in Paris

Seriously too much question.


To forget all those questions I explored everyday. I went to the beach, visiting temple, Uluwatu. Then I went to Ubud, I hate looking for accomomadtion, there are always too many options, I never know what to take. I booked an Airbnb, it was free for 2 days because of my discount 😎. Saving money when you don’t know what your next income will be is great, I mean really great.

In Ubud it was the same. I saw the monkey forest. The thing that I am kind of proud of is driving scooter for my first time in indonesia. Bali is not meant to be pedestrian.


Jet lag + climat change doesn’t really goes well with work. I was finishing the week and in my head it was “sh*t Antoine, you didn’t work at all”. Well it was counterbalanced since not working give me time to shoot a lot of video for my english Youtube channel I recently launched. This channel is about my traveling and I post a video every week. So all my explorations were perfect for the video. At least I was happy with that.


I am kind of stressed on how I will manage this journey. Is the digital nomad life for me ? I don’t know yet but what I know now is that I am curious, I want to build my business and I love to explore.

I will write another post next week, follow if you want to see how it unfold. 😉

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