The more we immerse ourselves in the world of crypto currency, the more interesting projects we find. Today, we will talk about the High Performance Blockchain, which is currently in the 2nd hundred projects, based on their capitalization. HPB's digital currency is a digital token that is part of a universal ecosystem called High Performance Blockchain. This ecosystem is focused on improving existing versions of the detachment, and will exclude such problems,as scaling. But, unlike bitcoin, the High Performance Blockchain network will be designed to perform transactions not only with digital currencies, but with other assets. Now, we can say with certainty that the High Performance Blockchain project is undervalued by the community. But, it's not strange after all work on it has begun more recently. Most likely, the High Performance Blockchain team are far from stupid people, therefore they started to launch their project for 2020.It is by this time, according to our assumptions, that governments and citizens of different countries realize the advantages of the detachment and will begin to introduce it into everyday life. Friends, the High Performance Blockchain ecosystem offers a very useful functional in the future that is useful to many structures.  
In view of the tasks set, the potential of High Performance Blockchain looks promising. The problem of scaling is considered as the cornerstone for the functioning of the block-room and it is its solution that will increase the relevance and relevance of digital developments and technologies. Analysts also pay attention to selected platforms for initial development. Technology High Performance Blockchain in the long term is planned to adapt with all the blockers, but initially the basis for the development is ether and NEO, as the most popular for the development of the site.
The final version of High Performance Blockchain is planned to be released by the end of 2019. It is expected that by this time the development will not only receive widespread support and investment, but will also finish the optimization of all integrated processes and technologies.Considering the investment potential, analysts identify significant prospects for making a profit. At the same time, for deposits, not only the development of High Performance Blockchain, but also the ether and NEO is considered, the increase in their throughput will positively affect their development.

For investments in High Performance Blockchain, long-term prospects focused on the overall development of the project are mainly considered. Emphasize the qualified team of developers, as well as the active leadership in promoting their ideas and expanding partnership agreements.In principle, the project consists of two parts: hardware and software architecture. The network will use the TOE (TCPP / IP Offload Engine) technology, which is used to unload the network, sending tasks for processing information to dedicated high-tech hardware acceleration chips, freeing up processing power for other tasks. This will allow the platform to operate at a level of up to 1,000,000 TPS, and also have a 3-second transaction confirmation time.
Information about the team is not so much: they write that the founder of Wang Xiao Ming is a very respected expert in the field of crypto-currency, he wrote a number of books devoted to block-technology. One of the other founders is Li Jinxing, an expert on research and block study, a former securities analyst at Guotai Junan (one of the largest banks in China). Another co-founder Van Zongru won the Nobel Prize in the research group. Unfortunately, information about other team members is not enough. We believe that the HPB's crypto currency, and the project part of which this crypto currency has a great future.