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To address Asim’s comment, it depends on what one considers a start up. Under the assumption that all these start ups are just going to be a collection of links to blogs and tools like his first “make cool shit” idea, then yes it is completely possible to do what he’s trying to do. But at some point if he decides to start something more substantial then a collection of links, then positive outcomes become unlikely. If you don’t want to learn how to code then you might be wasting time looking for magical tools that will do everything for you.

And before I learned how to code, man oh man did I look hard for those “magical tools” , unfortunately they don’t exist,

even something as like phone gap / Apache Cordova with Telerik/Intel/other “appbuilders”, that automates a lot of hybrid mobile app creation, but it’s not nearly enough without learning at least some code.

I do absolutely love the spirit and the drive, look how many people you motivated through this post, that’s pretty awesome. For some of

Your ideas which need different skill sets and people to collaborate with, find them on , we’re just launching and porting people’s projects over to ver 2 of the app, (mobile version coming in a few weeks)

hopefully you find others there that can help you make some of these projects come to life. Or find people there and to learn the needed skill sets together.

I wish you the best, if you do stop by feel free to message me and I’ll do my best to find you some people who match the skill sets you need

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