What Makes Writing Engaging?

In order to effectively reach an audience, not all “good” writing needs to have perfect grammar. In my opinion, if I am reading an article and feel like the piece is conversational and I find myself eager to continue reading, the writer has done their job. If the writing is compelling and you can tell has been written with passion, the audience will be engaged. This article that I found which was posted on Medium, explains why typography is important, (especially during The Oscars). The article starts out by addressing the scandal that occurred at the 2017 Academy Awards for the category of best picture. Then the writer gives a brief timeline of what happened that night to give insight to any readers who may not have watched these awards. After giving the audience background information, he then goes onto explain why Typography is important. Everything flowed well and developed naturally.

This article was definitely more casually written but I was extremely engaged and wanted to continue reading after the first few lines. The writer knew what to say to hold the audience’s interest and attention. An example of this casual yet effective way of writing is in the passage below.

That’s horrible typography. I will emphasize horrible again. Horrible. Or to be nicer — not good. Look at it again. Of course, anyone could’ve made the same honest error!”

This way of writing made me feel like I was being directly spoken to. It is the type of language that I use when speaking to a friend. I think that this makes the audience feel like we can relate to the writer or even relate to the article.

The author also does a good job at using words like “we” or “lets” which makes the author and article seem personable.

“Let’s analyze the differences between the original card and my modified card with a side-by-side comparison of subtle, yet important changes.”

“Let’s quickly review the second-by-second timeline of what happened:”

This article was also very visual, including pictures and large text, which caught my eye and attention. The article was addressing typography and so by having actual examples of typography in the images, you are able to engage more with the article. I also really enjoyed that this article asked the reader questions throughout, for example:

“Was it really a design? C’mon”

This was a great way that the writer engaged the audience. I think that the writer also demands attention a lot of times throughout this article by using bold text, italicized words, and exclamation points. I think that when a writer uses these bold or italicized words it seems as if they are wanting to put more emphasis into what they are trying to say which shows they are passionate about what they are writing. The article flowed well when reading it and developed in a natural and engaging way. It was very concrete in Getting the point across while also being well suited for its audience.


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