Please do learn to code
Quincy Larson

I don’t know how to feel about this, but it is quite hilarious.

Dear Mr Quincy Larson and most of commenters:

If you took enough time to read the original article published in TechCrunch, you may notice that it is referred to the fact that people don’t learn how to program because they know how to write some code. Programming is a way of thinking and solving problems, and it’s not learned by just learning how to write a language because someone told you that you will need it because reasons.

That’s the idea and purpose of that article, criticised in here: Don’t learn to code if you won’t learn how to program, they are not the same thing. So, I invite you all to read the original article and make an analysis of it.

I will say goodbye by telling you all “just because you read English, it doesn’t mean that you may understand it!”. Have a nice day kids ;)

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