Beware; Pinterest randomly deletes accounts [->solution included]

This happened to me recently (just a couple of days ago). I’ve been using Pinterest for a couple of months now. Mostly to pin photos of business attire, works of art and sculptures. But then out of the blue my account got suspended. There was no warning, no nothing. I just couldn’t log in anymore. Now, you have to understand; I had spend a considerable amount of time to create my boards (and they were somewhat popular). I am a perfectionist and pride myself to have a sophisticated taste regarding all things aesthetically pleasing. The prospect of losing my perfectly assembled boards was somewhat terrifying. So I did some digging. Apparently I wasn’t the only one who had this problem. And judging by other people’s stories this wasn’t going to end well for me (yes, I ended up losing my boards).

The fact that they just deleted my account made me furious. This type of “shoot first, ask questions later”-mentality is unacceptable. And the worst thing about this whole debacle is that most people don’t even know this could happen. I surely didn’t. If I knew that this outcome was a possibility I would have backed up my pins, duh.

Unlike most people I have actually read the TOS and content policies after this debacle took its course. And lo and behold, I did nothing wrong. So I have every reason to be angry about this matter.

But why did this happen?, you might be asking. Well, I do have a hypothesis. Since I’m also a software developer I’m pretty certain that some malfunctioning/overzealous algorithm is to blame for all of this: I get that, I myself try to automate as much as possible (but no matter how good your ML algorithms are: they are not flawless). The main problem that I have with this modus operandi is that Pinterest’s support is laughable. Most of the time they don’t even get back at you. And when they do typically weeks or months go by.

Don’t worry though. I may have lost all of my pins but that doesn’t mean that you have to suffer the same fate. The best way to back up all of your pins is to setup an IFTTT account (if you haven’t already). Go to and sign up (don’t worry, it’s absolutely free). Once you’ve created your account go to either


(depending on what service you use, I personally prefer Google Drive to Dropbox) just click on the “Turn On”-slider to activate the app. Once you’ve activated the respective app all of your pins will automatically get backed up to your cloud. You’ll never have to worry about anything once its set up. (if you have a problem with setting it up just leave a comment, I’ll gladly help)

Final verdict: I’m definitely never going to use Pinterest again. They may have a high Alexa ranking but this hokum is just not worth it.