Evalion Roast: a rational Analysis of the irrational

This is a rational analysis of the internet persona known as Evalion. Those of you who clicked on this article probably already know who I’m referring to. For those who are uninitiated: Evalion is/was a Canadian woman who posted extremely offensive content that pertained to the topic of National Socialism on Youtube. A couple of days ago her Youtube channel got ultimately shut down since it was against the Youtube community guidelines to post such hateful and inflammatory content. In interviews she openly admitted that her videos were propaganda, claiming that “not all propaganda is bad”(yeah, right…). I have watched all of her videos(before they were deleted) to make sure that I know what I’m talking about. I am 100% certain that everything she said was indeed written by someone other than herself. There were plenty of indications that suggested this. She mispronounced even relatively basic words like “Kuwait”, “blaspheming” and “mimicry” while simultaneously throwing around big words 24/7. With that being said I suspect that she was nothing but a mere puppet. I have seen this happening time and time again. Since the majority of national socialists are males it was a rather smart move to exploit a young woman as the mouthpiece for such heinous hogwash to further lure in more people of the aforementioned demographic. Well played, I have to give them that. Even if she truly believes what she said in those videos she didn’t write her own script, that I am certain of.

What she doesn’t quite understand yet is that the termination of her Youtube channel is actually a blessing in disguise. Let me elaborate: She claimed that she couldn’t find a job no matter how hard she tried. Now I don’t mean to be funny but I suspect that her hate speech on the internet might have had a play in this unfortunate turn of events.

Conclusion: After careful consideration I came to the conclusion that she created the Youtube channel for the following three reasons:

  1. She wanted to test how far she could go before her channel got terminated. I suspect she’ll create another Youtube channel in the foreseeable future.
  2. She wanted to see how many people would subscribe to her if she posted outrageous content. (she accumulated over 60 thousand subscribers within a couple of weeks)
  3. She wanted to be mentioned/featured in other famous Youtube channels (she succeeded at that. Famous Youtubers like Leafy and Onision mentioned her and talked about her content).

Addendum: I genuinely believe that Leafy supports her hateful message since he never openly distanced himself from the aforementioned content but rather promoted it by featuring it on his own Youtube channel which has accumulated a staggering amount of 2.8 million subscribers.

If you want to see how skewed her perception of reality really is; you can find her on this very platform: Evalion(she uses the same handle on twitter)

Have a nice day.