The thought of writing about Domack, one I have had for many years , has finally come to fruition only because I HAVE to put out something every day, thankfully. The reason for the delay was my search perfection hoping you would understand the importance of Domack to me but what I failed to realize as I told a friend once was,

“A writer can never write a masterpiece but a reader can read one.” — Antonio Moriaty, 2018

Domack was and is, yes is, a very important stage in my life. It was mistaken as a silly phase by everyone and even me, but it gave us the opportunity to explore ourselves better and further.

What is Domack you ask? Initially an Idea that birth a family with an unbreakable bond for life.

I changed schools in my final year in secondary school to one close to home, so close me and my brother walked to and from school. Two friends of mine had attended the school so I knew what to expect. The first few weeks were good till I foolishly caught feelings for a girl in my class. Long story short, I wrote a poem for her, she showed the whole class and the rest was history. Being the typical light skin boy who was more heart than balls, I thought poetry was cute but that minor setback didn’t stop me as I continued writing poems for myself and… other girls (lol, lame, I know.). Gbadebo, one of my classmates, still banters me LITERALLY every time he sees me.

“Ekene,” He would call another friend of ours present. “You remember that time wey Chiby write poem for Oyinda?”

They would laugh heavily and me too.

Adjusting was hard after that but a few months later, as I began to find my place, I noticed I shared a common interest with a few of my classmates — rap. It was all jokes as first, freestyle during leisure time to forming a rap group that expanded by the day till we became eight members, two of which were inactive. Initially starting off as DAC, we became Domack, which was gotten from the first initials of our names: Dagogo, Oyinda (yes, the girl who I wrote the poem for), Michael (inactive), Ayobami, Chiby(me) & Kayode (inactive). Two members later joined but a change of name was deemed unimportant.

We recorded songs with our laptops in each other’s houses, put them on the internet and sort of became cult heroes in our school. For me, there was a sense of achievement for once because I felt really good with myself for doing something other people appreciated. Struggling with self esteem issues for too long, being a member of Domack gave me a platform to rid my fears and feel whole. For too long had I watch others get applauded for showcasing their abilities. Wole Odesanya, for instance, was a brilliant footballer so was Ismail Khalifa, Folarin Aiyegbusi was a stellar athlete, Abisola Oluwadamilola was a magnificent artist and many more. So, that long awaited break from my shell was exhilarating. Not to say I was even good at it but it brought me that confidence I had been yearning for. Few years after, I gave up the dream and focused fully on poetry which paved the way for storytelling. Story telling is my pride and joy; my true guarantor of happiness. I don’t see myself doing any other thing, honestly. Other skills will be learnt and developed over the years surely, but this, storytelling, is me. Everything I know has been self-taught and from criticisms I don’t shy from.

All the members of Domack don’t rap anymore but that artistic fire within us never burned out. Dagogo is a spoken word poet in Ireland, Oyinda is a playwright finding her ground, Gbadebo and I write stories together as he was my main aid writing and editing my first book — Bloodlust (all 18 chapters) and Ayobami, who writes stories too, also proofreads and edits, does academic, script and essay writing among many others.

The beauty of it was we eventually saw a future with rap when it’s foundation was built on banter. After school hours were spent strategizing and plotting for the then present and the future for when we would go our separate ways for university. We did skip school one time to assess a studio 15 mins away and our biggest achievement was performing at a high school prom, although we didn’t perform at ours as planned.

Coming together under one umbrella, we branched out becoming better versions of ourselves. Domack was the platform we needed, that I needed.



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