The Change

It’s different tonight. It will be my first time and I swear, I am so nervous. I have been on YouTube, watched movies, seen first timers going through that transition. When it’s my turn, what do I do? Apparently, everyone has different stories; how will mine go? How will mine go?

Will it be rough, smooth, hurtful, long lasting or a minute long? It’s tradition to share the story with the gang. I’m only a few hours away from the designated time.

“Be natural,” I was advised. “Don’t fight it, let it flow within and through you. When the time comes, you write the manual.”

Beads of sweat still formed on my forehead as the time drew closer. I stood at my window looking at the bright beautiful sky.

“Define me,” I whispered. “Help!”

I have self esteem issues. I always think the worst of myself. Something always goes wrong. What if protection doesn’t work and it goes side ways? What happens? I can’t bear it alone. I’ll run far far away.

My dad was by my door an hour before time. The smile on his face.

“You’re going to be a man,” he said.

Nothing changes, I’ll still be the same, I thought. I’ll still have a penis either ways, only difference is my hunger afterwards. What changes within me? What?

Ten minutes before my maturity, my parents escort me out of the house.

“Take this,” my mother said, handing me chains. “It’ll help.”

That rough huh?

Midnight strikes and I’m on all fours; a dog collar chained to the wall. I’m undergoing my first werewolf transformation.

📸 — David Rangel