The truth

The truth about the shape of the earth came to light. Scientists panicked. They were terrified to shits. Their secret finally let out of the bag. But how? They had claimed for centuries the world was sphere but actually, it was a square. The havoc the truth created was unimaginable; the press wouldn’t sleep, interested citizens camped outside ask rock. The politicians were losing their power, their credibility was sinking. It was the 3rd and there were no answers to how the world go to know. The media that published the truth was grilled for 48 hours. They too didn’t know the truth. Someone had hacked them and managed to get onto their physical and online news editorials.

The truth was horrifying. No one knew what to do. It felt like they all had lived a lie. The pain was collective. I was shocked everyone was bothered that much. You would think Nigerians didn’t care about anything but themselves.

The earth was square, I thought. Why did they lie all along?

That bothered me the most. I scoured the internet, foolishly, looking for answers. Conspiracy theories were the results of my every click like it was some Twilight fan fiction. Everyone was alike, asking the same repetitive questions. I felt hurt I thought different till I came across a question.

“Why did they lie?”

It was buried amongst hundreds of identical posts. A smile appeared on my face.

“What’s the real truth?” I replied.

I hoped the reply wouldn’t take more than two days but I got it in a second.

“Square, sphere, what’s the different who cares? Now, I do; what is the truth?”

I was excited. Blood that usually flowed to my penis found it’s way to my head. The big grin on my face was match with the enthusiasm on my keyboards.

“We are being misdirected,” I reponded.

“I think I know the truth,” another anon replied.

I froze, like I was a detective in a mystery thriller.

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